RTO Recruitment Services

RTO Recruitment Services

RTO Skills & Consulting we are dedicated to finding the perfect candidates for your organisation.

Recruitment: Trainers and Assessors, Compliance Officer, CEO, Auditors.

You may wish to recruit, select and induct a new employee into your RTO; or maybe you would consider a temporary solution to cover relief periods or short-term compliance periods. We can even cover your existing CEO and Compliance Team leave periods. As consultants, we understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to find employees with the specialist skills required.

Just look at the requirements of the CEO position:

  • Manage RTO Training and Consultancy Services in a manner that provides training excellence,
  • Oversee the management of RTO Training and Consultancy Services' Quality System,
    Apply, manage and administer RTO Training and Consultancy Services' policy manual and systems,
  • Apply, manage and administer the RTO Training and Consultancy Services' policy and procedure for continuous improvement,
  • Ensure a systematic approach to quality training and assessment and continuous improvement across the entire organisation,
  • Utilise feedback from candidates, staff, external stakeholders,
  • Manage and ensure implementation of feedback and data into the continuous improvement registers,
  • Manage the collection and analysis of data,
  • Manage data reporting requirements as required,
  • Identify and apply major improvements based on feedback and collected data via a continuous improvement register,
  • Engage with staff, in particular training staff, to ensure informed business decisions,
    Communicate identified improvements to staff and stakeholders,
  • Provide specific quality strategies and continuous improvement relating to best practice training and assessment data analysis and processes,
  • Assess processes and methodology,
  • Conduct a skills audit - evaluate competencies and qualifications of staff and the effectiveness of training methods,
  • Identify areas for staff professional development,
  • Manage and administer assessment validation and moderation,
  • Manage and administer RTO Training and Consultancy Services' Internal Audit Policy,
  • Apply, manage and administer the RTO Training and Consultancy Services' Internal Audit Procedure,
  • Manage, administer and schedule external audits,
  • Ensure compliance with the Standards for NVR RTOs,
  • Manage quality training and assessment services,
  • Maintain a current master list of assessment instruments for each qualification and unit of competency offered,
  • Maintain a record and proof of review and approval of assessment instruments, at least annually,
  • Staff selection,
  • Supervision and training of all staff,
  • Ensure client services and records management systems are current and adhere to industry best practice,
  • Manage financial systems to ensure RTO Training and Consultancy Services generates an acceptable profit,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Establish clear policies, goals and objectives monitoring the performance of RTO Training and Consultancy Services,
  • Monitor advertising and promotions activities,
  • Press interviews and press releases,
  • Recruitment advertisements,
  • RTO Training and Consultancy Services signage,
  • Marketing, billings from agencies, suppliers,
  • Press advertisements, artwork and proposed yearly marketing,
  • Monitor printing and production,
  • RTO Training and Consultancy Services prospectus, program information booklet, bulletin, bookmark,
  • RTO Training and Consultancy Services stationery (letterhead, envelopes..) and miscellaneous printing and production works.

Do you need Staff or CEO relief? We can assist. Clients contact us now. We will manage the complete process for you. Talk to us regarding a replacement or casual and or a consultant.

Recruiting positions now for the below

We have over 20 Years of RTO experience, talk to us. Are you looking for staff to fill the gaps or undertake new scoping assignment or project? We are seeking Trainers, Auditors, Compliance Officers, Assessors and Curriculum Developers. Send us your CV and details.

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