RTO Health Checks

A check-up of the RTO's health.

What is it and what do we do for you?

RTO Skills & Consulting will attend your premises and cast our professional independent external eyes over your RTO and business operations. There is not one simple solution to your business or the health status of your RTO. As you are very busy being the CEO or compliance team, allow us to come in and work with you, or for you to conduct a quick or comprehensive Health Inspection.

These inspections provides you with peace of mind and fresh eyes and currency of the ever changing VET Sector and its governance obligations.

We understand that no two organisations are the same. We know that there is no "one size fits all model" or approach to running an RTO business.

We work with your organisation to build a Quality Management System that will improve your performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth. Or if you have a QMS then let us review it for currency and updates.

The check-up can be in depth subject to your scope and or third party obligations and multiple site locations or it can be as simple as a desktop review and cursory glance over your day to day functions.

We tailor the visit to your needs and of course we provide you with a full comprehensive report against the standards and requirements to operate an RTO.

We have simple One-Day to Five-Day complex reviews or check-ups on offer. Contact us today to discuss your needs and bring in a fresh set of eyes or an independent glance over your operations.


Convert your current RTO Quality Management System to the Standards for RTOs 2015

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