RTO Quality Management Systems

The VET Quality Management System (QMS) is customised and contextualised to your RTO. Referred to as the "RTO Policies and Procedures Manual", our system delivers much more than just a large amount of text that nobody uses. We provide supporting templates, forms, pro-formas, weblinks and reference resources all hyperlinked to create a fully operational and VQF integrated QMS.

The entire package is customised for your RTO including your company name, version control and your logo with watermarks on each page. Each document is delivered in MS Word to provide every opportunity for continuous improvement and ongoing compliance.

The system may be loaded onto any number of computers within your organisation.

The system is intended for clients currently operating as an RTO with Vocational Education and Training experience. Contact our office for further information and pricing arrangements.

  • A unique and innovative approach to compliance documentation
  • Focus of a user friendly design
  • Student Handbook
  • Hyperlinks from the main document to 2015 Standards, referenced against the respective section in the main document
  • Supporting templates i.e. feedback forms, staff qualification matrix
  • Relevant VET sector publications
  • Weblinks and references to essential VET sector websites
  • A detailed index for quick reference
  • A separate HR Manual & Policies kit
  • Receive updates and news or changes



  • New applicants initial RTO setups - Full Package/Self-Directed
  • Existing RTOs to transition across to the QMS 2015 - Full Package/Self-Directed


Convert your current RTO Quality Management System to the Standards for RTOs 2015

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